• spread_love 5w

    The Stolen Glance

    8th standard, history period.
    Sitting by a wall, listening.
    I feel an eye on me and look her way
    Across the room through a gap in the crowd,
    I'm just in time to see her look away.

    Sitting by the wall amongst faceless people.
    Voice of the teacher white noise now.
    I look her way every other moment,
    To catch her eye and steal another glance.
    I cannot miss another chance.

    Her pretty face serious,
    Listening intently.
    But i know she knows im looking,
    The flickered hint of a smile is her undoing.

    I read her like a book now.
    I know she's going to look now.
    The teacher has probably looked away.
    And she turns her head my way.

    Across the room her eyes
    bore into mine.
    Oh, that mischievous smile.
    On this high for the next mile i will dine.