• euripedesblack 6w


    it is the space between the alphabets
    the breadcrumbs of disrespect
    that litter streets and somehow stay concealed
    it is the pause at the end of a sentence
    before the final period makes it real
    it is the squeal in your voice before you cry
    the deep breath you take before you lie
    the sight of filling someone’s eyes with abuse
    watching them drown as they’re flooded with truth
    it is the crossed line between a misunderstanding
    and a regretful fight where love finds death
    the pitter patter of footsteps in the hall
    between doors marked wrong and right
    a surreal moment created for the strong
    when man should love when hearts astound
    it is the time you can’t refuse the urge to go
    where you truly know you don’t belong
    the crackle before you disappear into night
    the reality that you’ve never been able to see light
    content to search for your dreams on the ground
    when you realize you don’t know how love exists
    walking down a path where you can’t find bliss
    and you don’t even know how to turnaround.