• rebeccam 9w

    How does one become heartless from simply feeling nothing?

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    Shivers against the Void

    ~I crave yet I sabotage
    ~I hope yet I am afraid of it happening
    ~I thrive yet I fall apart in my sheets every night ; in my mind...at any moment of the day
    ~I feel yet I'm empty
    ...what paralyzes my soul is the deafening heaviness of nothingness, worse than grief, regret or anger...I can only feel the muffed screamings of my spirit thundering my body only for burning tears to roll down my poignant cheeks. An empty vessel, my exausted body notwithstanding the amnesia of a hurt & panic in the face of what might become a stone cold heart- this is it, my biggest fear, crippling behind my back with every step, inaudible...