• little_cherian 6w

    MuKuTi MaAsHe
    (teacher with a nose pin)
    Chap 1 :
    Part 5

    Notification : Shift from 7.00 am - 4.00pm.(mobile screen)
    Me and Sarah had the same timings so both of us hurried and reached the office on time. My experiment still failed again so I decided to be more practical. I took out the master plates( in which microorganisms grows) and I looked at the colonies and I asked 'My dear what is your problem ?huh.. Nyan nanavan samadhikylla ? ninnaokke extra beef, glucose, vitamins, minerals thannadum pora dushtatharam cheyuno? Chummadhala ee fieldill aarum varathe... (you won't allow me to be a good person? I provide you with extra beef, glucose vitamins minerals and inturn what you guys do.. Play fool with me?that is why no one wants to work in this field)
    Mentor : (In shock) what happened to you?
    Me : ayeee chey (embarrassed) nothing sir
    Mentor : I'm your mentor Nancy I have the rights to screw you. It's for your own good!!
    Me :( iyallke vatayao - has he gone mad) sir I completely understand (fully confused)
    Mentor : Sarah come hear, take Nancy to a restaurant or which ever place she is comfortable.
    Me : (In my mind - wowww...satyam? - is it true , I was excited but then my inner voice spoke : no Nancy no, don't show that expression, act like an adult
    So I replied : Sir, I'm really fine...( good girl)
    Mentor : that's what normal people do? Talking to petriplates? This is psychosis you need to go to a doctor.
    Me : eeyal aare Dr. Sunnyo (a character from the famous movie called manichitrathaz) oru psychosis Konde vannekuva (who is this guy bringing about psychosis and all)
    Sar : okay sir I'll take her home, she needs a good tight sleep
    Me : Sarahammo... Nee Punnyalan annedi (you're a saint)
    Mentor : Ohok that sounds good
    Me :( In my mind: Oru Ph. D konde oru upakaram ellalo Karthave -ohh God there is no use having a Ph. D )
    Sar : Ok Nancy let's go
    Me : Wokay!!! Again I jumped with happiness and that's when the thunder of enlightenment striked once again
    Inner voice : yedi mandi angane jaadale... Ninake aasuvanne, mentor kandipidikyum- ohh fool don't jump that way, you need to act like a sick person)
    Mentor : ( just confused expression)
    Me : ( placed my hand on the forehead and acted as if I have severe headache....
    Bad acting can't help ....
    Mentor : mmmm you can go
    Me : okay sir (sad and depressed tone)
    Sar : seriously? Your rubbish....
    Me : Yendho yengane?? ( when you hear a malayalee using the exact phrase then dont worry it means they don't consider your comments and not just comments it includes you, signifying that you can beat their level).
    Me : I took my plates , thanked them and understood one thing that day, even microbes have feelings too. Next time I'll pakka add more nutrients I won't be stingy, I promise.
    Sar : Satyati vatayo? ( have you really gone mad)
    Me : Kushumbe pidichatte oru karayam ella molle (no point of being jealous dear)
    Sar: okay okay I'll go get my keys, you be near the parking area
    Me : okay
    While Sarah was driving her scooter and speaking about how her boyfriend is a good soul n blah blah.. As always I nodded and never tried to listen to her stories and that's when I saw that book which was so familiar, that cover of the book gave me broken memories and the same person was reading it. He was inside a bus sitting next to the window seat and boom..
    Nothing happened....the vehicles stooped due to signal and the man closed his book.
    I frozed....
    To be continued....