• ishujain 5w

    One sided love!!

    Once upon a time I met a girl which was you
    Little did I knew that someday you will make my heart blew

    I fell in love with every part of you
    You will mean the world to me , this I never knew
    How much I adore you, you have no freaking clue
    Little did you know, just one smile of yours can make my heart blew
    Because I am madly in love with you

    Wanna hold your hand
    And hug you tight
    Wanna spill all the feelings
    My heart can no more abide

    But how can I tell you this now
    Because you chose to keep me as your very best friend
    Little did you know that I was dying to the very end

    I still dream about you in this one sided love
    But its getting harder to live without you
    Like a suffocating dove!!

    Nevertheless , i always want you in my life
    If not someone as my love
    Then as someome whom i will always prioritize

    I want you to be with me to the very end
    If not someone as my love
    Then just as my best "best friend"