• sana_7262 10w

    The sun with a warm atmosphere
    But on the other side moon with a cool
    Both are the beauty of nature
    And hence, we can't live without them
    Also, can't be like them.

    A mother's love pure as gold
    That love actually makes her bold
    For her child she can do anything
    And can change everything.

    The sound of birds chirping
    That is an alarm for waking
    They always go on their work
    At an early time without stopping.

    Flow of river in the same direction
    And also it never stops
    The tree which stand in sun
    Never say anything and gives us fruit
    Everything teaches us a lesson.

    The most important ones are tree
    A home of thousand little beings
    But what are we doing
    Instead of conserving
    We are destroying beauty of nature.

    Post for the competition @vaishnavi_singh

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