• humanmerely 26w

    Delusion, perhaps

    This morning, as I woke, I thought of you.

    ...And all I  could reminisce about was

    Chasing Cars.

    I tried to figure my heart out,

    And I wondered if you ever ruminate on us;

    After all this time,

    After all I've said.

    ...And all I did was listen to

    Chasing Cars.

    Then the word Kopfkino

    flashed through my mind;

    And I wondered if you'll ever know

    what a plight I had to endure.

    ...And all this skeptical heart

    could beat to was

    Chasing Cars.

    And I asked myself

    if it's okay to have this dementia.

    ...And in that moment

    I knew that I knew what it's really like

    Chasing Cars,

    that why they call it

    Chasing Cars.