• bhavanagidwani 9w

    By unknown writer

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    Make him wait

    When he calls you, you don't have to answer right away, make him wait
    When he small talks, before he asks you on a date, make him wait
    When in the driveway and his eyes are midnight blue, take a deep breath, do the opposite of what you wanna do, make him wait
    By the phone, at the door to meet your dad, before that first kiss, He's gotta hold your hand.
    You can't get it back when you give yourself away....
    Yes, boys gonna run but a real man's gonna stay..
    And when he says that, it'd be easier if you just stayed the night and if your thinkin' you just might.
    But, make him wait.
    They taught me that love is worth the weight in gold, Like that ring on your hand, so When you find the one that stays and calls Then he won't mind, If you make him wait, in his Tux..
    When you are walking down the aisle, Walk slow, take your time
    While your daddy cries, and your mummy smiles..
    And then you look into his eyes, and realize
    It's worth the while
    To make him wait..