• gangareji 5w

    How wreckless life had curled in,
    Under the shadow of the mercileness,
    Summoned by the evil,
    Her hands dipped in blood,
    With a sinister smile coated by a deadly sin,
    Trumbling down in guilt and despair,
    What have I done echoed from the crimson wall.
    Defying the cry for forgiveness,
    She drowned herself in the whirlpool,
    Of her own reasons and wit.
    Pale and drained was she,
    Pleading for her body ,
    His ears were shut close for the pleasure,
    Of her body .
    Lost in hope and her purity,
    Tearing her heart apart,
    Set her hands not to tie a rope,
    Around her neck ,but
    To tear his life apart .
    Her body was never meant to be ,
    The object of his pleasure,
    He ripped her clothes apart,
    In return she ripped his heart apart,
    With bloodshot eyes,she heard
    The cry for mercy,but pleading ,
    For her body was drowned in his thirst .
    He was worth no more than the death ,
    By the hands of the merciless ,
    And deserved a death awakening ,
    The pain she went through .