• rage_infine 5w


    I remember the night, when I was out and alone, sad and depressed. I was angry, impatient and acted like a bad person that day, and at the eve time when I went for a walk, I heard a prayer
    "Dear God, I am not okay. I am not myself.
    I am drained. Please calm my mind, heal my heart and take my worries away, Amen. "
    And that was the time, I felt like giving my all to God. My life, my worries now were in his hands and in return, I got the confidence, a will to make all things that I destroyed. I stopped giving up on any one.. Now, when I say, I'm gonna get it.. That's for sure.. I will. I still have the prayer in my mind and it always help me in the time of griefs. I am just me.