• jess_virtue 26w

    The varying nature of a person

    I've observed from my studies that the very nature of a person's charector is vastly diffrent from one individual to the next. Several persons might be placed in the exact same circumstance, however their reactions, the way they respond to a predicament, will be diffrent from one another. A person of very week mind and charector may crumble under pressure, while a person of strong will may thrive and even bloom under teh same force. But then, a question must be raised, regarding the nature of individuals. No two people can experience somthing the exact same, their previous experiences greatly change the way they percieve things. So if two people were raised together and treated as equals, should one's charector alter from the other? But even in such an experiment, no two can be precisely the same. Then, we must examine this in the ligth of a hypothotheticalism. We must suppose, theoretically, that two diffrent people experience the exact same experiences. Then, when asserted under an immense pressure, would they respond the same? I believe, that no, they would not. Every person has, rooted within them, a personality and certain traits. Of course, certain things form those traits and if those cerain things were shaed between two, would it nurish their ideals in the same way?