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    // The prick of a needle can't be that painful. Can it? //
    "Yes. It can." I gently replied
    // Ohh, really ? Which one.//
    "Cleopatra's needle at London." I said with a sigh
    // Man! You are nuts!?.//

    Facile to say that I heard these words all the time. Don't think of me as a lunatic who's lost her mind. Perhaps, it'll all make sense if you know 'bout my life. I could start at any point of my life and more than you would expect, it ain't a happy story.

    I've been incessantly told that I inherited my mother's emerald-green eyes, peach-blonde hair and her blithesome smile. Well my smile was simply caducous yet saturnine : Falling down real quick as if you're riding on a rollercoaster.

    Speaking of rollercoasters, I think you'll find my life as a huge rollercoaster oscillating up and down with my heart palpitating. To make matters simple, I lost my mom and I stay at London with Muffin; My pet cat. He has ears which 're abnormal for any cat and his tail looks exactly like a

    Ever since, my mom left I have been wearing these sort of "Who-knows-they-may-protect-you" talismans or amulets o'er my neck. To be honest, I don't believe in these cheap things, my amulet looks akin to a killer-alien or something and Carter's is just an eye : The eye of Horus you could say.

    That was a talk of the past until I found out that muffin was disguised as Bastet : The Egyptian god of fertility, cats, protection and etc. Yes. Muffin was indeed a black horse in our family. This cat has been in our family for as long as I can remember, while her true divine version is of a supple muliebrity figure.

    As I mentioned the word "family" a lot of times ; Certainly not an iota of that. As said earlier, my dad is obsessed with Egypt. I think the sobriquet "Egyptologist" impeccably suits him with out a further doubt. Ironically, my dad is an Egyptologist. You might be like : "Oh Sadie! You're lucky to go and visit the mummies and see the sarcophaguses !." Nope.My brother, Carter can explain that. Well, I do have a few references for that. Take this for example:

    On last Christmas eve, me and my brother were standing at the foyer of the British Museum. I could see the Rosetta Stone scraggly scribbled with hieroglyphs which looked far more worse than staring at the math numbers on my textbook. I definitely earned a cheesed-off look on my face. That was just the beginning until dad took a boomerang and tried to write something on that stone and voila! Osiris appears! That was when I found out that I was connected to the pharaoh's and so-called "legends", wizards and magicians of Egypt.

    So far, my life has not been cool and ubiquitous voices of : " A needle's prick can't be that bad.", were enwreathing me like actual dreck. I miss my mom's berceuses, smiles and care if it hadn't been the death of her on an ominous night at Cleopatra's needle : An obelisk which swaggered at the days and nights as if proud to take my mom from my life.

    Pardon me for the long read guys! I just got into some feeling and wrote this as inspired by reading the Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan.

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