• hanzalaali 10w

    Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi the lost soul

    Yesterday dated second of October well known as Gandhi jayanti in India, almost every indian are aware of Gandhi as he is the father of nation.
    As I walked the way to look forward to his ideas, work and thoughts and comparing it with the leaders of present India I realised Mahatma Gandhi was really wrong; Let me tell you how ?
    He was really wrong about the thought of freedom, He was really wrong to spend his life in order to look for the betterment of India, he did really wrong by joining and gathering whole nation without any means of social media in order to get rid off the people who crushed Indians and gave them a terrible life, he took a step to protect Dalits and called them Harijan ( son of God ), he was really wrong about spreading the feelings of freedom in the heart of people, he was actually wrong that he served us as a father.
    I wish you would have known that Gandhi, that all your work and attempt of you being our father will go in vain as today in the present world we are the men who abuse our father, we send them to old age home and never turn back even after there death because we are much better and have done more good works then you did for us.