• misshilpa_b 10w

    Random Musing

    On my third cup of coffee and my second plate of fries,
    I questioned my fancy whims and my poor choice in guys.
    I waited for an hour and then half an hour more,
    I found myself in a pickle I had never been before!

    The chef, the waiter and even the café host,
    Whispered, "Poor lady! Must be awful that her boyfriend had to ghost!"
    Instead of a pretty evening, and an even prettier date,
    I was blessed with humiliation and a lifetime of regret.
    As I shouldered my bag and stormed out into the rain,
    I swore I'd never try online dating again!

    After thirty unread messages and,
    Seventeen hundred calls,
    You decide to get back after a week,
    I wonder, what gave you the balls?
    If you remember well, you had been a no-show,
    You must be kidding, right?
    When you said "Let's give it another go!".

    A year has passed since then, and I wonder if you do the same,
    With other women of my kind, or even an old flame.
    Before things get ugly, check yourself, kid!
    Or I'll find the ones you date and tell them what you did.