• juniorauthor 4w

    "Taken" Chapter 2

    "Not much." You say.
    "What though?"
    "Why should I tell you?"
    "This could possibly be the most important thing that you ever do."
    "That still doesn't give me a reason to trust you."
    "It concerns your sister."
    You sigh heavily. Your older sister had died when you were little. You don’t know that much about it because your parents didn't like to talk about. You were very close to your sister. Before she died, she was your best friend. Your only friend.
    "I remember my sister, Lucille."
    "Anything else?"
    "I can still remember the orphanage that my mom put me in."
    "Do you know why she put you there?" 
    "Because she had no money to raise us until she remarried."
    "Do you know how your sister died?"
    That is it. Your breaking point. Tears start to fill your eyes. 
    "She died of brain trauma." You say before the tears start to flow out. 
    The man hands you a tissue box and you take it, gratefully. 
    "Just wait a second kid." The man says.
    "I have some news for you."
    "What is it?"
    "I'm afraid that you may not believe me."
    "You won't know until you tell me."
    "Well, your whole childhood was a lie."