• the_socratic_soul 23w


    They say time heals.
    Will it change the way I feel?
    I have loved you for three long years.
    At the end,
    you rewarded me with my eyes full of tears.

    Loyalty was the only thing I expected.
    You wrapped it like a used tissue,
    walked right over it.

    Like the fool I was,
    I thought hurting me was not your intention.
    You camouflaged your deeds with apologies,
    And I approved them
    With forgiveness as an affiliation.

    I am devastated now
    My friends ask me
    not to think about you anymore
    And make it a vow.

    I try to be strong.
    But every night,
    That are now full of your
    Nightmares rather than dreams
    I sob and ask myself,
    “Where did I went wrong?”

    I text my best friend.
    Ask her, “What do I do now?”
    She replies instantly, says