• colourfulgreys 6w

    Sharing one of His poems...

    I take myself to the loft
    I pace about wondering,
    Calculating what I've lost
    as the world is still slumbering.

    I feel the walls closing in,
    so I reach for the balcony where I am soothed by the wind
    And the cicadas playing symphony

    A full moon in the sky
    takes my mind of melancholy,
    or atleast it tries
    As it reminds me of somebody.

    In the alley,l see cats
    fighting over their territory
    Atleast they've got that
    While I'm anchorless tragedy

    The rain clouds appear
    but not for the first time
    It's always been this way
    in a new place, on the first night.
    Sharing one of his poems again...

    //I get anxiety around sunsets
    While others enjoy the sky undress
    I see the sun drowning,
    Running as if the Moon lit sky is a threat
    He'd be cajoled into lending light by moon,
    Simply increasing his previous debt

    My single mom worries about what she calls my lunacy
    Or says that I have garden variety sciamacy
    My enemy is not imagined but extremely real
    while I want to talk, she'd rather conceal

    Doctors, I think can group and name my sensations
    Because every website tells me I have depression.
    And it's why I feel:
    lazy at pretty sunsets
    Afraid of sun's confrontation,
    why'd my mind fret
    Empty about beautiful sky
    in all its glory
    every night lie restless,
    Repeating the same story;
    no hunger, even for chai
    And see the dark,where others see light
    Or when sun goes down,think about suicide//
    Love you my bro... #jandjforever

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