• gabie_abutu 5w

    Give me a flower
    A black rose to be precise
    This is the end and even though I hate goodbyes
    "Fare well",my lips must say
    Admist the pouring tears
    And the trembling.

    Lay a black rose at my feet,
    This time we ain't mourning
    But rejoicing for the gift bestowed,
    For a love that was not acknowledged to all yet was overwhelming.
    It was near bliss but they say,'nothing lasts forever.'
    It is with a heavy heart that I give this gift and let you go
    But that I must do
    Before you slip and shatter beyond recognition.

    Give me a rose,
    Frankly I don't like roses but then,
    It tells my tale.
    Many say it signifies bad
    But I choose to believe,
    It understands...