• allbymyself 9w

    Hard Days

    For the days when things
    don't go to plan and every
    arrow I throw is bent out of
    shape; I beat myself up over
    the smallest things and rage
    at nothing in particular; this
    silence, this absence of speech
    is what I ache for yet run from
    all at once, the black and white
    sing and dance upon the contours
    of my weary skin and I fall asleep
    to dreams of crudely tuned greyscale.

    For the days when there is
    murder in my hair and rain
    upon my mind and my feet
    trod indecisively from pavement
    to pavement, I try to forgive
    myself the horror that interrupts
    my train of thoughts; watch the
    clock tick by, knowing that the
    time must go away; I try to
    remind myself to breathe and
    watch the world fall apart before I can.

    For the days when my heart
    is heavy, and my arms flail
    from shadow to shadow in
    a vain quest for the light
    I tell myself this is the circle
    of life, nobody said it was easy
    this has not been the easiest
    of days, but I pick up a pen and
    paper and sit down to write anyways.

    - Avitaj