• thepenprince 10w

    Beautiful Heartache

    She was but a woman of success, he was but a man who knew not how to mentally invest although she did her absolute best, for him it was not enough as for he did to her as he did to the rest,

    Her tears fell inside the silence of empty public bathrooms, her sobs met the shoulders of not so distant friends that never filled those empty rooms, she began giving up, she had become powerless to the whims of a man who no longer acknowledged her existence, now she's as lonely as the moon,

    She avoided mirrors that showed her decline, the man she thought she knew and loved was on another incline, she avoided the grocery store lines all the while those lanes of depression became her hearts blinds,

    Sweet voices of strong women came in the night, the silhouettes of those women who struggled night beyond night only come and whisper that all will be right.