• pranjali_31 6w

    Laugh again

    You may have suffered more pain,
    And recovery of life for everyone may not be the same
    You may be fallen apart,
    But believe me, you can pick up the pieces and make a new start.

    Things that were once easy, may become different and changed,
    Don't let it just ruin everything
    Because what you want can be in your range.

    Life will give you challenges both tough and easy
    What will you do?
    You will suffer, conquer it and see it through.
    Be the one who is exceptionally strong,
    Because your journey of life may be more long.

    You may be shattered by your first love,
    But my friend, that's life
    And first love is meant to be so,
    It teaches, so just learn and walk away.
    I know it's hard but not impossible,
    Don't change for someone who can't be yours
    Be you and make yourself calm and stay.

    Who has their life figured out?
    I don't and that's just okay.
    What you need to do,
    Is just learn to Laugh Again.