• poeticgamer 24w


    I hear the voices of strangers swimming through my head at night,
    I call them school bullies,

    "Look at him, crooked smile little boy," they said
    I cry at night listening to their remarks in my head,
    The umwanted black kid
    I quietly found a razor, dark places and hidden room is where I hid,

    Home wasn't any better,
    I hear my mothers voice swimming through my head at night,
    With a single cut I could be light as a feather,
    My black skin simply wasn't right,

    "You shouldn't be born," mothers words seemed true so I lived all kinds of torn,
    Charles came in the room when the sky was blue, "ready for what's to come to you?" His voice like the deepest bass

    I had little grace beyond the day,
    This is just the start of my abusive and neglected escapade
    Now watch as I slowly fade.