• thelostsoul_writes 14w


    Let us promise this
    to one another
    To stay besides each other
    Till the sun shines in the sky
    And the moon doesn’t die
    Let’s smoke love
    And breath each other
    Mixing the two scents of us
    Making it one
    Let’s get crazy
    To the point that we fly
    Reaching out to the other worlds
    Making some of ours own
    Let us reach to the clouds
    Let’s get together
    To be here in the moment
    Let’s drink out the ocean
    Let us be you
    Let us be me
    Let’s get together to be one
    Let’s not be empty anymore
    Let’s fill each other up
    Just be with me
    To the end of time
    To the end of me or you or us
    Let us promise this
    To be there besides
    Beyond time
    And destiny
    For each other
    Till eternity.