• scribbling_symphony 34w

    You have not been created by people...so why let people destroy you!! You were born to be beautiful, modest, golden, shining and loving...Why let the devil outside fade the goodness inside you!!! Be loving and generous, be graceful and smiling, be kind and caring whatever the outside forces be like...Coz you are stronger than them...you are better than them!!!

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    People will hurt you..
    Never make others cry anyway!
    People will judge you..
    Never change yourself anyway!
    People will exploit you..
    Never be betrayer anyway!
    People will unlove you..
    Never fill you heart with hatred anyway!
    People will laugh at you...
    Never make fun of others anyway!
    People will be unkind towards you..
    Never be harsh anyway!
    Coz its between god and You..
    And it was never between people anyway!