• lucidious_lucifer 7w

    Dear ex

    "how are you spending your night?"
    I know you have been through a fight,
    Don't worry everything will be alright,
    Darkness always ends with a bright light,
    It's been long I have been spoken to you,
    Yes, I m still sad there's nothing new,
    I know you found someone new,
    You have moved on there's nothing new,

    This time there's no reason for a fight,
    I m not there so I hope you got a bed light,
    Recently I saw you with your bestie,
    I m happy that you are with him lastly,
    Remember I got you cute little teddy,
    Saw your new look you looked pretty,
    It looks like the break up has gone well for you,
    I m happy that you are well after the things we been through,

    You were always worried as I smoked so much,
    But now I'm with the pill's soft touch,
    You told your friends that I was controllin',.
    I get it me and friends were little annoying,
    Don't worry you were always right,
    I was the one always creating the fights,
    You were right you never needed me,
    I need you it's freaking always me,

    I need you it's freaking always me,