• nagarjunadhikari 50w


    I remember the day,
    the hour, the moment of us meeting,
    I remember how happy I was and
    I didn’t realise it’s meaning
    So bright was your smile,
    it might be a sunny day
    So fast and quick did it go away,
    So mistaken I was to see and to ignore,
    So dull to notice the beats of my core;
    I wish I could remember every detail;
    First touch of hand and I became so frail..
    First wish for a never ending day,
    First cry when you went away;
    First smile without any joke;
    First walk down the seashore;
    I wish if I could be able to express my ardour
    The things I felt, the things I wanted to say,

    I wish I know a way to express it all in a sway.