• allbymyself 10w

    You do not write
    like you once did
    a greyscale past
    melting away into
    a rainbow present
    thoughts come and
    go, but you do not
    try to trap them like
    the fireflies of your
    wasted, forsaken youth.

    You do not run
    like you once did
    your legs ache quicker
    these days, a soft
    sort of pain that
    refuses to leave
    the air comes and
    goes, filling your
    breaths with a
    wistful reminder
    of carefree mornings.

    You do not talk
    like you once did
    the words falling
    over your mouth
    as your whispers
    cloak themselves
    over your screams
    like the rain drowns
    out the sound of
    staccato song over
    a half opened window.

    The days turn to years
    in the blink of a half
    opened eye, a moment
    in time slips away until
    we decide to revisit it
    in the guise of a memory
    they don't know how to
    hide it, this unending stasis
    where all days are the same
    but I remember the touch
    of your hand, the darkness
    in your voice, as you laughed
    and called me by my name.

    - Avitaj

    @accismus @thegreymetaphor @raika_ @dopamine

    Picture credit- Corsin Taisch

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    Like You Once Did

    Seen you from afar
    Wondered who you are
    Wondered what you're like
    Think you're just my type

    And now I'm dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming, dreaming of you

    - Dreaming of You, Cigarettes After Sex