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    I must share this.

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    Lost as a cub in cub in the jungle full of snakes
    Waking up to cold sweats and the shakes
    Subliminal messages of my demise
    Face the pain similar while those like me bare the scars
    Some dont see tomorrow and some fight for today
    Give me one reason I should stay
    Because you love me?
    Who say love has to hurt?
    Is this your mission?
    When love compromises
    It never threatens, never beats, never bruises
    I dont know love you right
    I know loves doesn't cut as deep as your words
    Or punch as hard with tears by the bucket loads
    The Whitney's, Tina's, Tisha's, and Mi'chele
    I hurt so like tomorrow is the brand new day
    Because according to you tomorrow may not be for me
    I can pack my woes now as God forgiveness
    That my existence is a mistake
    That I serve no purpose but to be toyed and broken