• thatgeekgirlau 9w

    How dare I?

    How dare I be taking time to meditate.
    How dare I be giving fresh produce, to "Grow Free" carts.
    How dare I be attempting to compensate for the fact
    That the world is lacking in warm hearts.

    How dare I be taking in nature and the sea.
    How dare I try find joy in the start of my day.
    How dare I go about my business, doing what I need for me;
    That I need for learning and loving life, in my unique way.

    How dare I try to be peaceful, calm, and light
    How dare I be using a shop... a road...
    How dare I feel like I have the integrity to do what's necessary and right.
    That is big for me, after my life's heavy load.

    How dare I be considerate, generous and caring.
    How dare I even exist, apparently!
    Well to be good in a world like this, I'm afraid to inform: you HAVE to be daring!
    And I'd rather be daring with the right intentions, than vapid, bitter, crude and petty...