• udo_ogu 23w

    Looking glass

    Travelling on this lonely road she wonders
    'what have become of me?
    Men pacing in and out in wander'
    'I think I'm a slut', she ponders.

    'Good morning' he greets me,
    'Not again' she says, shamefully
    'I got to stop drinking'
    'What a nice time I had' she says sarcastically.

    'I am a slut', she affirms
    Why bother when no one cares.
    A change in lifestyle she require
    'If only I had a man in my life' she desires.

    Alas he arrives,
    With a smile that perforates
    'Where is that wine ?'
    'Wait! I haven't had a glass in a while'

    'Good morning' his caramel voice utters
    'Indeed a lovely morning', she blushes
    'A slut, I am no longer'
    'For love, I will live no more in blunder'.