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    Love is an emotion, a special kind. What exactly it is no one knows, but may be something like this.
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    A thing called Love

    Tried falling in love ?
    Not the usual one,
    The love that lingers on your skin
    A little more
    That reaches to each of the bones
    And slowly melts in each of the atom
    Of every molecule present in your body
    Which makes you breathe
    Have you ever tried that?
    Not exactly falling in
    But rising above
    That kind of love
    Making you fly in the oceans
    Over the tides
    Into the depth
    And touching the sea
    Again and again
    Like waves it gushes all over
    And for each time it touches the shore
    Something of it remains,
    Have you?
    The special kind of love
    That makes you act like crazy
    And you think you have wings
    And you can see beyond the horizon
    Into another world
    All across the sun
    On the winds
    Over the clouds
    And there’s no end to it
    Tried that kind of love?
    Love that isn’t just a feeling
    But an emotion
    That can’t be described
    No words to explain
    That love
    Which makes the flowers blossom
    And bees dance
    And heart pound
    And a shiver down the spine
    One that gives you the chills
    That one
    The love that happen
    Just once
    The kind that occurs
    In the heart
    Only once in a lifetime,
    And when that happens,
    How will you know?
    Because when that happens
    When it actually does,
    Deep down in your heart
    And in the soul
    You will feel all these things
    Which you didn't feel in years
    And you will know
    Because when that happens
    You will realise,
    You felt that
    Without even Trying.