• me_the_unpredictable 23w

    When the cold blue hits my skin ,
    It envelopes me into a never ending elation.
    Diving deep and deep into the Pacific of your eyes ,
    I don't mind being breathless.

    I be in my waters , where no one comes for me , in longing or in search.
    In your very soul , it becomes my only marked territory.
    Diving deep into your coloured breath , I don't mind being lost.

    All alone with only terrific waves above and intimate calmness below , I be in a beloved dilemma.
    Thinking ,
    Am I a part of those white foam waves , or the serene peace below ,
    Or perhaps I belong to none?
    I don't mind being nameless.

    Drowning and drowning becoming more and more numb ,
    I lose sight of my vessel.
    With only my memories ,
    And your silent humming din,
    I sublime into your blue flames and into oblivion.
    I don't mind being submerged into your sands.

    Yours lovingly,


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