• revant 33w

    19th Warrior Viking Prayer

    Lo' , there do I see my Father.
    Lo' , there do I see my Mother.
    Lo' , there do I see my Sisters and Brothers.
    Lo' , there do I see the Line of my People, back to the very Begining.
    Lo' , they do call out to me.
    They bid me to earn and take my place amongst them.
    In the Golden Halls of Valhalla.
    Where the Brave may Live Forever!
    Where the Righteous may be enshrined by Grace.
    Where the Heart of Steel, too hard to break, too hot to hold, will find its Twin.
    Where the Spirit of Fire, too quick to miss, too high to grasp, can always win.
    Where the Light always returns to the Beacon of it Conception.
    Where the discerning soul of the Bard always finds a warm reception.
    Where the Poetry of Purpose dances with the Prose of Inspiration.
    Where the laughing eyes of the young blood smile with pure elation.
    Where the Pride and Joy of Warrior Peasents is mentored by the Insight and Wit of Farmers who Fight.
    The gift of forgiveness is treasured as a symbol of True Might.
    Where Wisdom and the Power of Will shapes the Destiny of the those who Dare.
    Where the Diadem of Dreams is polished with Devotion and Care.
    Where the Tempest of Consequence and the Sands of Time are mastered by the Dilligent Mind.
    Where the words spoken by most in the face of the unforgiving storm are still Loving and Kind.

    Where Faith never breaks and Hope never shatters. Where every Spark of the Flame matters.
    Where every Bond is honored till the End and broken Trust will always mend.

    I am many amongst so very few.
    Take me to the place where these Blessings are True.
    To my Kith and my Kin, who have cleared my way.
    I give High Praise and Thanks, and have more words to say.

    Words that will be shared when its my time. To feast on the harvest and drink the sweet wine.
    In the Golden Halls of Valhalla. Where the Brave may Live Forever.

    (This is a small derivative on a work of art from the Antonio Bendares Film 13th Warrior, its an attempt to honor my own heritage in light of recent changes and challenges, it is a Guzarish and Darqast to the Line of My People to come to the Mine and Humanities Aid and be Strong in the face of Tribulation)
    Ballistik Radiance (The Resplendant Projectile, Bawa Revant Singh Bhalla)