• askgodfred 10w

    I need help and all the response
    I get is God will provide, I have been
    Waiting on God for response and all
    I hear is silence, sometimes the sound
    Of my heart breaking, at times the snakeling
    Of my tears down my cheeks, at times
    My very own voice telling me to swim on
    Because there's calmness on the other side
    Of the wave, at times all I hear is give up it's
    Not worth it.
    I look to the north, to the south,
    to where the sun wakes, and
    returns to slumber it's total void it seems
    God doesn't care
    Perhaps annihilated with glories of days gone
    Or a metaphor of the universe and we are its
    Manifest, or our own creation just to help us
    Cope with unsynthesized human emotions
    I looked in the mirror and I saw my saviour I
    Don't think I need to wait on God anymore
    I got my plans