• mywords1998 30w

    You ended it, not me

    You told me you are sorry and I believe you,
    You beg of me for forgiveness and I forgave you

    You told me to forget the past and move on from the hurt and pain you caused me but I tell you that I can't. So I question that person who ever said to forgive and forget because I can forgive your betrayal but I cannot forget it,

    You want us to be that way we were, who we use to be and I want it too but I need to forget to be at peace around you, I wish to be that girl from that movie we watched together sometime ago, that girl who got amnesia, I need amnesia to forget your betrayal to take this scare away, I don't want to go through another pain I fear you will cause me. So I push you away and I secretly want you to fight for me, fight for us.

    You stopped calling and I miss you, Why wouldn't you fight for what we hard? Why can't you be who I want you to be? Why did you betray my trust and hurt me? And then you say I ended that beautiful thing we had but you know we still have it, it just wouldn't come back and stand but I'm telling you that you killed that beautiful thing we have.

    You ended it, not me.