• _jassi_ 10w

    How often do you come across people who like you let alone love you?
    People who accept you with all yours flaws, your past, your present but still want to be a part of your future.
    People who take out time for you, call you when they miss your voice or your jokes or your laugh, the one which rings loud even before you've started the joke.
    People who admire you for the person you are, respect you for your choices and never judge you for they see you beyond your personality.
    People who are mature enough to know that you need time for yourself every now and then.
    People who are grateful, for you chose to let them in, for letting your guard down because sooner or later, they'd have done that by themselves.
    People who simply, love you. No complaints, no demands.
    We're all waiting for a love like that. Some are blessed to have it and for the others, it's right around the corner
    So I'd say, sit tight, for when these angels from heaven stumble upon you and you'd be thanking your stars they did, you'd never want to let them go. Ever


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