• the_rhetoric_illusioner 23w


    Dear ex- bestfriend,

    Yes, I get to be the culprit
    for augmenting the prefix of yours
    with "ex".

    I get that you are mad as well as scared that I might tear you apart like before.

    But let me kindly brief out what will happen and what is happening.

    I've been walking behind your back and loitering around ,doing things like a coolie to make you feel good and forgive me.

    People often used to wonder whether we were of the same blood.
    Gladly, we prove them wrong
    that we aren't ,....
    Nothing but two strangers
    who would have taken
    a bullet for each other .

    Haha , Ironic isn't ?
    But what's more ironic is that,
    I felt you were mine one last time
    when you were with me ,
    Until....we went public !

    Haha..it's so funny
    that the sweet little innocent thing
    I called best friend
    knows how to take a sweet revenge, don't you ?
    I treated you like trash ,you treat me trash ! Haha...
    Tit for tat ,huh?
    Well, I must say I'm impressed.

    I used to miss you...no...I miss you...
    but as I finish this letter ,
    you will be officially promoted
    from bestfriend to ex-bestfriend .

    All thanks to me na?

    Isn't that what you were thinking ?
    Haha....what a progress !

    Haha.. what ??? you don't want any credits ??
    Ooooh...i will take all the credits then...!

    Bff..oops...Stranger !