• ashlen 6w

    #hometown #creativearena #pod

    Amidst the Himalayas
    Surrounded by greenery in all directions
    With smell of Earth in air
    Lies my hometown- "Sikkim"//
    A North-eastern or Seven-sisters State
    It's a place still unknown to many
    A place of divine serenity
    Where all religions -Hindu, Buddhist,Christians resides together
    Home to different varieties of flora and fauna
    It's a kingdom with many untold stories
    Here with every Season
    Comes a splendid view
    And is truly an abode of Gods //
    Here lives people who are so called "chinkey eyes"
    Who are thought to be Chinese and so on
    Yet those who don't know , we are a proud Indians
    Who sings "Jana Gana Mana" as national anthem
    And who fights in border for India //
    With lofty snowy mountains
    Rivers flowing by and chirping of birds to be heard everywhere
    Here lives people who are worshippers of nature //
    From famous monasteries,temples to diverse biodiversity;Gangtok, tsomgo lake to Ladakh;dazzling waterfalls to virgin forest
    There are infinite reason for it's beauty to be admired
    And there lies a desire in every Sikkimese heart to be born in this serene abode in every life...

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