• shreyashidutta_ 22w


    I long for a glimpse of yours,
    those bouquets of red roses are still placed safely in my wardrobe,
    I locked those seconds I spent with you,
    in my heart,
    which beats for you,
    I still wear that friendship band,
    the one which you gave me in kindergartens,
    though it don't fits me,still I try,
    the last letter you sent me,
    everyday I start my day reading it,
    it feels as if you will come out of that letter and will take me in your embrace,
    the last snap of ours still rules as the wallpaper of my phone,
    your enchanting voice still rings in my ears,
    I still sleep with your pillow beside me at night,
    remember that white shirt on which I spilled the coffee,
    you know they have your scent which savour my world,
    you left leaving your memories with me,
    my phone still unlocks with your name,
    my life too,
    our wedding pictures make me feel alive for a while,
    but when realisation hits,
    I die again,
    a living corpse I am,
    I died the day you left me and became the star in the sky,
    it's vacuum in every corner of this house where we saw dreams of our future,
    when the doorbell rang it feels as if you will come back,
    to me,
    for me,
    for us,
    and will take me to your world.