• guesswho 10w


    Did you know -
    That 3+5 is eight,
    But also 5+3?

    And just because you -
    Chose to say so,
    I doesn't mean,
    I have to kneel.

    I mean,
    I understand -
    That you are my Dad -
    And I -
    Respect you for that.

    But mostly I fear -
    What you're gonna say -
    'Cause mostly you bite off my head.

    It's not only me -
    It is all of us -
    My sisters & brothers,
    And Mum.
    Dad are you really,
    Proud of what you've done?
    Proud of how you're no fun?

    Now, mostly when I,
    Tell people -
    That I have eight siblings-
    They think it's fun,
    To grow up like that,
    They think it's love & kissing.

    But you never hugged -
    No, you never touched,
    The only time that you did -
    Was when you got ready,
    And raised your hand,
    All to get ready,
    To hit.

    And God forgive me -
    If I can't forgive,
    This one instant -
    That day.
    Where my own father
    (Guess I was eight)
    Backhanded me,
    In my face.

    Now, you would think -
    I'd done something bad -
    No, worse! Like cursing the Lord!
    But all I did,
    Was not call Mum '"ma'am" -
    And that's what you beat me for?

    An eight-year-old kid,
    A young little boy -
    Who was so full of plans.
    But you have broken-
    That natural love -
    A kid has for its Dad.

    And ever since then -
    Ever since that day -
    I fear you and your right hand.
    Now, Father,
    I respect you're my Dad,
    But love you won't ever get.