• david_vs_a_word 6w

    I look inside of a circle, I judge the distance, I see something so profound, the light guides
    Me to this place of wonder and dreams, I see a contour of patterns. I hear the sounds of light
    Behind this expression of unreasonable forms.
    I reach for it...but I can't touch it...I call for it
    But I hear is a sound of harmony...that circumvents the attempts of my pursuits of attaining this place....that resembles the garden of Eden. I travel around the circle, ever eager to
    Penetrate its mysteries of light and Subtleties.
    But I find myself wanting of a place that's far from my sight...I gaze with intense passion of
    This circle hoping to attain its key of intrigue.
    I claw through the circle piercing it's outer
    Layer.....fighting for the center....finally reaching the center, it's so bright it blinded me....so I close my eyes, I open them...I finally see it
    And can't believe my eyes, I finally....reached

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    The circle of Light