• charumoni 10w

    After Forever Ends

    Waking up in the silence of chaos,
    I don't remember much. I don't
    Remember at all.
    Are we alive? I am.
    But, are you too?
    I don't remember much bout you.
    I don't remember you at all.
    But, you've been a part of me.
    And I, start missing you so.
    The roads are dressed in stones and crumbs.
    I stumble and I crawl to find you,
    Where are you?
    I miss you so much. Who are you?
    Why do I keep running to find you?
    Though the map I have doesn't include you.
    Who are you? My heart cries and it hurts.
    Where are you? Are you alive? Do you feel the same?
    My heart aches but I don't know you or maybe, I don't remember.
    But I love you and I will,
    Even After Forever Ends.