• pappushin 9w

    A poem or story - you decide.

    Once upon a time, there was "she".
    She- was like any other playful Child.
    She- love chocolates, barbie dolls.
    She- learned all the 26 alphabets;
    And would read them out loud in every family gatherings,to her uncle, aunt, grandparents.
    She- would die for sweets.
    That was the introduction of "she".
    Now let's see what happens next.

    One day Chacha bought chocolates- alot of them.
    But chacha made a deal;
    "Deal - she was asked to play with chacha"
    She- happily agreed(like who literally would refuse chocolates) without a second thought.
    She- was six you know(who even has a second thought at this age).
    From now onwards chacha came;
    He came almost every other day until she turned eight.
    In two years she became a brave child,
    She talked to her mom about everything chacha have been doing to her.
    Mom scolded chacha- that's when chacha stopped coming.
    But mom asked "she" to be QUIET;
    Even infront of papa- be quiet.
    She- kept quiet, although her mind was full of terror - QUIET.
    And this is how it ends, i mean this is the end of this so called - poem or story.

    She- grew up watching fairy tales,
    With "happily ever after ".
    She-who danced in rain, now shuts herself from the world.
    She-who loves chocolates, now fears the person who offers her.
    She- who enjoyed every second of her life,
    Now don't want to take the next breath.
    She- now realized - not every story has happy ending.