• raghavendran 6w

    A Shadow's Dilemma

    I am your own alter ego,
    Born precisely years twenty ago
    When you took your birth
    On this God-created earth.

    As long as you are alive
    I will, without doubt, survive,
    When you call it a day
    Together with you, I'll fly away.

    Twins by birth we are,
    But it may seem bizarre,
    I am without bones or flesh
    And you can't see me blush.

    While you may speak and see
    Totally dumb and blind I be,
    From birth I have been so,
    But your actions I mimic and show.

    I never left you even for a second,
    This truth have you ever reckoned?
    So much attached can anyone be
    Except the one like me?

    I can't leave you at any cost,
    I have been holding you fast
    From the time we were born,
    Don't shake me off, I warn.

    But one day you will have a wife
    And begin your new life,
    You are welcome to be double,
    Alas! I am destined to be single.

    Raghav R