• ayushshrivastava 10w

    After having oscillated my mind between तत्वमसि and HAKUNA MATATA,
    I come back to my usual life,
    Only to find out that there's an ocean of uncertainty.
    Intimidated by the huge waves,
    I take a floating log of wood
    The cold and salty Waters mock me,
    For my swimming skills are not that good.
    Every fine day, I impregnate my mind with a seed of inspiration
    But alas! at the time of delivery the child dies within.
    To ease myself I take a walk down the memory lane
    I find faces of friends and foes, events, both horrific and sane.
    A babel of voices fill the ambience and I find someone taunting me for my knavery,
    He chides me for the injustice which has been done,
    Injustice done to Hakuna Matata
    Injustice done to तत्वमसि,
    Injustice done to me
    I am left alone with a remorseful plight
    I lament over all the wrongdoing, I cry for the person who died within me.
    All of a sudden I find my self atop mountain of hope,
    Gazing at the stars in the night sky
    A light comes to me from moon and no more devil's fart
    With all these feelings I get back to my bed
    I look up at the ceiling and in a blank white space, I see all of it
    Things with no logical correlation
    I see them all, I hear them all
    I see the watery eyes of a goat taken for slaughter,
    I see its limbs, its severed head in gore.
    Amazon Cloud, a code written on Jupyter,
    I see Shiva's Trishul and Vishnu as a boar.
    Amazon's wildlife, the Red Spot on Jupiter,
    I hear the trumpet's sound and a lion's roar.
    खीर, पराठा, Timon & Pumba
    वीर मराठा & Goddess Paramba
    A Roman allegory, fine strokes on canvas
    I see different colours, I see a strange circus