• rodney 9w

    Destitution of Sacred Love.

    Awake me, from my sleep.
    I can't heal from the love;
    it isn't romantic, it is deep.

    Taking leap of faith, every single minute.
    To not see you, every single time, breaks my spirit.

    I'm not in search of a substitute.
    Of care and bodily gratitude.

    I need you more than a million other materialistic restitutes.
    Tell me, how many more pursuits ?

    How many more before you, have a restraining order ?
    And then, cry and have your soul wait at its border.

    You think, I do not know ?
    How many times a day, you woe.
    Woe at our repulsive attraction;
    Amidst the chaos, an irresistible affection.

    “To love but not be together.
    To die but survive with some other.”

    Destitution of our delirious lives.
    Playing “Deadly piercings” with our kitchen knives.

    Not knowing, which kills when ?
    Which wound hurts, when ?
    Counting over and over again;
    One to ten.

    And then,
    Blood paint our pain.

    Standing in each others rain.

    Each others rain.