• marg_darshan_ 5w

    Thanking Almighty

    The enchanting songs of birds in the morning hour
    makes us forget the memories that are bitter and sour
    The arresting fragrance of the flowers spellbind the atmosphere
    The scene of flowers enticing butterflies is the best scene to revere
    The gleaming light of the scintillating sun
    invigorates our spirit and makes us run
    In the evening, we all love the twilight colour of the sky
    The utmost tranquillity and peace go by-and-by
    The serenity of the moonlit night
    makes things around look so pacific and quiet
    The bright, awe-inspiring stars teach us to shine even in the darkness
    The sky looks gloomy and dull when it is starless
    Thank you, God, for making this universe so magnificent and graceful
    O almighty, heartfelt thanks to you for making the world so peaceful and gleeful.