• theguyanesehippie 10w


    “How to wear shame?” He asked
    I said, “be a woman”
    Women wear it like a costume and think it’s their home.
    It all started the day we were born when the doctor said “you’re having a baby girl”
    Eyes lowered in a pond of words that said
    “Oh No Shame has born”
    There she is
    A little life of shame,
    That I must hold and embrace.
    Shame starts to grow up and thinks she is more.
    The family notices and says
    “Close your thighs and sit like a lady”
    Shame looks down and says
    Shame starts to find her style
    The family notices and says
    “Cover your breasts
    Cover your legs
    Cover your face
    Because the boys are watching”
    As if she is responsible for the demons that the boys created within themselves.
    They say
    “Be yourself”
    Even after all the freedoms they have taken away.
    She says out loud,
    “I guess, okay”
    She whispers underneath her breath,
    “All I wanted to be was a little girl
    Instead you called me shame.”
    ~Angel Bispat