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    There's a broken bridge somewhere amidst the busy streets and I frequently visit it, hoping to collect some fading memories and fill the hole in my heart, and it's still empty.

    Sometimes hope isn't enough and neither is poetry, so how to calm the chaotic mind that finds flaw in every little thing?
    Lilac skies, soothing sunsets, beguiling smiles, all are just momentary bliss, but what about when the moment passes away? Just like everything else?

    I wish for memories to fade away too just like leaves do, slowly but elegantly and not painfully. Do the trees grieve the fallen ones or are they too busy celebrating the autumn ?
    Things are replaceable and so are humans. When the green fades away and you slowly turn grey, don't wish for youth again, for it's a deceiving phase, just pray that you'll be strong enough to handle the senescence; alone. Relying on people has never brought in good result, anyways.

    Some people are born with a doomed fate, how much ever they fight, there's always another war waiting for them. Is it okay for them to be tired, take a break and expect not to be stabbed in the back? Maybe not. Some will never know. They are strong and that's why life is hard on them, it's so easy to say, what did they do to deserve it though? I know, don't ask such questions, right?
    But maybe there's a hope, somewhere in path to destiny, that maybe you get to choose. But as I said, hope isn't enough at times.

    So I'll burn the broken bridge maybe and fill my heart with the ashes of weeds and flowers, that were so loyal to it.


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    This looks like a mess, my thoughts are scattered maybe.

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    //Autumn leaves and so do memories.//