• mrgrey 5w

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    Walk With Me

    walk with me,
    Walk with me home,
    I need you now,
    So sick of phones,
    Tired of covid,
    Feel weak to the bone,
    But you keep me alive,
    Just need to get home,
    To be with you now,
    To leave the pain,
    be in light alone,
    To touch your face,
    Feel water over stones,
    Count stars all night,
    Take trees to the dome,
    Laugh at each other,
    Chase you around,
    Walk the town,
    Window shop,
    Sip tea and cuddle,
    Make a blanket bubble,
    Dance a bit to the sounds of something old and humble.

    Lay you down,
    Look at you and let your eyes tell me a story until I cry,
    So you can see my soul inside,
    Never to divide,
    Though our souls are one,
    Our flesh will be one never to split again,
    Until the sun rays turn us into stars and we own the sky and shine high for lovers to come,

    :Side note:

    I love you so much,
    Every story means a hundred years I wish for with you,
    No matter how I come home everyday,
    Nothing will mean more to me than that moment that time I have with you,
    Every second counts,
    Every word is my last to me,
    So my words can tattoo themselves on your heart permanently,
    and everyday of your beautiful life
    You will know how much I love you,
    And you will know that nothing makes me happier than you.